We are always looking for qualified wranglers, camp staff and cooks. If you enjoy sharing your horsemanship skills with others and are interested in working outdoors near Yosemite with a third generation ranching family then please contact us.


This is a seasonal job with openings from May through October. Shorter seasonal positions are available.
Wranglers must be at least 18 years of age, have good horsemanship fundamentals and a strong work ethic. We cater to customers of all ages, so good people skills are a must. Applicants must have an American Red Cross or American Heart Association Certificate in CPR and First Aid. Employees will saddle, bridle, feed, doctor,
lead trail rides, help with horsemanship camp and do some cleaning and maintenance chores. Applicants need to
be flexible and willing to help out wherever they are needed in all areas of a working horse facility. We can provide the tack needed to do the job, (saddle, bridle, blankets and halter). If you want to bring your own tack that is fine
but western saddles are required during working hours. You are welcome to bring your English saddle for after
hours riding. We provide all food, and can provide rustic housing.

In addition to the wrangler qualifications outlined above, Assistant Camp Director applicants need to be at least 21 years of age, excel at teaching and have extensive knowledge of horse behavior and equipment. Applicants need to be able to manage their own time, while simultaneously managing employees. Feeding, doctoring, saddling, bridling, and working with the public are also requirements of the job. All staff need a current First Aid and CPR card.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Responsibilities include: planning simple, well balanced meals for the crew; organizing and cleaning the kitchen area daily; ordering food; minimizing waste and interacting with camp customers. Note: The campers do their own cooking. The pack station cook is only expected to prepare breakfast and dinner for the staff. The wranglers make their own sack lunches each morning and eat lunch down at the corrals. It is the cook's responsibility to set out the lunch stuff during breakfast. Good people skills are also very important.
All staff need to have a current First Aid and CPR card

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